Human Rights in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission is committed to actively engaging and working with all Nova Scotians and our diverse communities to address issues of discrimination by effectively advancing equity and dignity, fostering positive and respectful relationships, and protecting human rights.

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Street Checks Legal Opinion Oct 18, 2019

Since the Commission’s release of Dr. Wortley’s street checks report there has been considerable questioning surrounding the issue of the legality of street check practices. Dr.

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Symington v. Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Dismissed Oct 15, 2019

The board chair in an independent human rights board of inquiry has dismissed the matter of Kathleen Symington v. Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency today, Oct. 15.

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Access to Rental Accommodations Sep 05, 2019

Intake staff at the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission regularly receive inquiries from the public concerning access to rental accommodations. What can you do if you have been discriminated against?

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