Human Rights in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission is committed to actively engaging and working with all Nova Scotians and our diverse communities to address issues of discrimination by effectively advancing equity and dignity, fostering positive and respectful relationships, and protecting human rights.

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Protection from Hatred Jul 05, 2024

Late last month a news story reported an incident of online hate that targeted a social media post about a Pride-focussed craft project of a pre-primary class on Nova Scotia’s south shore.  The activity highlighted inclusion ahead of Lunenburg County Pride which begins this weekend.

a colourful images displays INdigeous peoples in various scenarios, dressed in traditional clothing, drumming and fiddling

National Indigenous Peoples Day Jun 20, 2024

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day (NIPD), an important occasion to honor and learn about the history, culture, and contributions of L’nu people, and the Indigenous, Inuit and Metis peoples who have made the lands we know as Canada their home since time immemorial.

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Public Asked to Defend Against Hate and Discrimination Jun 10, 2024

A recent IPSOS poll warns Canada is among few countries globally where public support for queer and trans rights is declining.

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