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Discover all of the current and past human rights news, announcements and events, and see how you can get involved in supporting human rights in the province of Nova Scotia. 


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Mi’kmaq History Month: A Statement from the Chair Sep 29, 2023

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of October as Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation September 30th

Understanding Truth Sep 27, 2023

When six-year-old Phyllis Webstad was forcibly taken from her grandmother and sent to the Mission School near Williams Lake, British Columbia in 1973, she was stripped of her clothes and made to shower together with other scared young children.

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Appeal Decision Reaffirms Concurrent Jurisdiction in Human Rights Claims Sep 21, 2023

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has confirmed the jurisdiction of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission in matters involving unionized workplaces in a decision released Wednesday, September 20.

Steve Estey holding a framed award certifivate in the Red Room

Steven Estey Sep 14, 2023

The esteemed disability rights advocate Steven Estey passed away this week after dedicating his life to advancing dignity, equity and the rights of people with disabilities.

three generations of African Nova Scotians photographed outdoors in Africville Park

Standing with Africville Sep 11, 2023

A noose was recently discovered in a tree behind Africville Park on the historic site of the former township of Africville in Halifax’s north end. This is not simply a piece of rope. It wasn’t found in just any tree. This is not just any park.

Acadian Flag

National Acadian Day Aug 10, 2023

Since 1881, Acadians have celebrated National Acadian Day on August 15.