Human Rights on Screen

Human Rights on Screen is a partnership between the Commission and the Atlantic International Film Festival in which films from AIFF programs are selected to be screened for free online. Films featured address issues related to human rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and provide an opportunity to engage viewers in dialogue about these themes as depicted in the film and the relationship to contemporary issues affecting people living in Nova Scotia.

In addition to making the films available for screening for free with the support of AIFF's online platform, Human Rights on Screen brings together individuals involved with the production, community members, experts and first voice representation to discuss the film and deepen understanding of the issues it addresses. Panels are recorded and remain available as a resource for anyone seeking to spark discussion about human rights. Below you will find past panels and links to where you can learn more about featured films.

Our Hearts Aren't Disabled

Fostering friendships, intimate and romantic relationships can bring meaning to our lives and deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. They can also be fraught with complication. Insights about dating as a person with a disability can expand our understanding of why it is so important to do our part to remove physical and attitudinal barriers to inclusion in all facets of society. During Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia the Commission partnered with AIFF to make the documentary film "Our Hearts Aren't Disabled" available for screening online. This accompanying panel discussion took place May 30, 2024. FIlmmaker Josh Dunn, professor Tammy Bernasky, and advocate/educator Vicky Levack shared their experiences and insights on themes from the film.

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Freedom Swell

Tracey Jones-Grant (Managing Director, Diversity & Inclusion/African Nova Scotian Affairs, Halifax Regional Municipality) hosted an intimate panel discussion with LaMeia Reddick, Mazie Simmonds and Brown'nesha Glasgow from the 2021 documentary film Freedom Swell, speaking about the origins of the unique surf program for Black youth from the historic African Nova Scotian community of North Preston, themes of discrimination, racism and segregation as it relates to people of African descent and their relationships to water.

This panel discussion was hosted March 20, 2024 in partnership with the Halifax Regional Municipality.
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Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor

Filmmakers Shelley Thompson (Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor), Brody Weaver (Youth Project), and Marley O'Brien (Artist), discuss how transgender representation in film can help to advance understanding and offer an opportunity to unpack assumptions and misconceptions.

This panel discussion was hosted December 7, 2023 in partnership with the Youth Project.
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