External Human Rights Trainers

Please contact external trainers below to access information on the costs associated with specific sessions they provide as well as their availability and scheduling details. 


Ann Divine: Ashanti Leadership 

Phone: 902-441-3999  



Training topics include: Human Rights Education and Training;  Sexual Harassment Training; Mental Health in the Workplace; Employee Engagement & Cultural Intelligence; Unconscious Bias; Diversity and Inclusion; Leadership Development Human Rights

Angela Simmonds: Founding CEO & Facilitator, A Team Coaching

Phone: 902-401-4805

Email: angela@ateamcoaching.ca

Website: https://www.ateamcoaching.ca/

Training topics include:  Helping organizations and employees build understanding in Cultural Competency; Building Healthy Relationships within teams and more inclusive, safe work environments; Promoting lasting system and social changes; Ensuring Policies, Practices and Processes build more equitable organizations.

Buhle Dlamini: Tomorrow Today Global 

Phone: 902-759-7219 

E-mail: buhle@tomorrowtodayglobal.com 

Training topics include: Leading Difference Differently; Leveraging Cultural Intelligence; Creating an Inclusive Culture

Diane Govindsamy: Insight Wellness Research 

Phone: 902-456-8010 


Training topics include: Unmasking Trauma’s Influence on Individuals and Communities; Empathy in Action: Fostering a culture of inclusion and respect; Building Bridges: Cultivating Respect in a Diverse World 

Huwaida Medani: Independent Consultant 

Phone: 902-789-8498 


Training topics include: Overview of Cultural Competency; Unpacking Privileges; The Intersection of Gender and Race in the Workplace; Mind Your Bias When Hiring; What is the Issue with Stereotypes? 

Kenneth Oguzie: Executive Partner, ACTIV Research Strategy and Training Group 

Phone: 902-293-6215 

Email: kenneth.oguzie@activafr.com 

Training topics include: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awareness Workshop; Inclusive Leadership Workshop; Development of: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, Anti-Racism Strategies, Cultural Audits and Diversity Recruitment Strategies.  

Nolan Pike: Professional Development & LGBTQ+ Consultant 

Phone: 902-488-8106 


Website: http://equityeducate.com/ 

Tinaye K. ("T.K.") Manyimo: Shumba Consulting 

Phone: 902-489-3469 

Email: tk@shumbaconsulting.ca 


Training and workshop topics Include:  Allyship; Anti-Black Racism; Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace; Cultural Awareness; Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace: Starting a Courageous Conversation; Human Rights Awareness; Introduction to Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks; and Understanding Microaggressions.


Avalon Sexual Assault Center 

Phone: 902-422-4240 
Email: avaloneducation@avaloncentre.ca 


Training topics include: Responding to a Disclosure of Sexualized Violence; What Sexualized Violence is and programs and services available; Trauma-informed practice; Bystander Intervention and creating safer communities 

Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre 

Contact: Elder Debbie Eisan, Community Planner
Email: eisandeb@gmail.com

Contact: Cheyenne Labrador-Gates, Executive Assistant
Email: cheyenne.labrador.gates@gmail.com

Phone: 902-420-1576 

Training topics include: The Blanket Exercise; Indigenous Cultural Training 


Contact: Katie Lewis

Email: katie@reachability.org

Phone: 902.429.5878 

Website: www.reachability.org 

Training topics include: Frontline Customer Service: Inclusion Awareness; Hospitality: Disability Awareness; Mental Health in the Workplace: Trends and Tips; Accommodation & Assessment in The Workplace and Beyond; Community Inclusion of Diverse Populations; Hiring & Retaining Diverse Employees; Work/Life Balance; ACCESSAbility in your workplace; The Power of One!; ADHD: Stigma or Superpower; Talking the Talk: The Power of Words; Play for Purpose 

Note: All modules are half day (3 hours) or full day (6.5 hours). Price reduced for multiple sessions. 


South House Sexual & Gender Resource Centre 

Phone: 902-494-2432 

Email: Outreach@southhousehalifax.ca, Or  volunteer@southhousehalifax.ca, Or board@southhousehalifax.ca 


Training topics include:  Anti-oppression training Workshops (Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Education) 

Youth Project 

Phone: 902-429-5429 

Email: education@youthproject.ns.ca

Website: http://youthproject.ns.ca 

Training topics include:   Creating Affirming Spaces, Intro to the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community, Intro to the 2STGNC Community, and more (can be customized). For more information go here: http://youthproject.ns.ca/education or reach by email. 

The Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association (VANSDA) 

Contact: Robert Ffrench, Executive Director. 

Phone: 902-678-7410 (Ext. 206) 

Training sessions include: Overcoming Histories: Building Cultural Competency and a Welcoming Workplace   

Chrysalis Human Rights Agency Inc.


Website: https://www.chrysalishragency.com/ 

Training topics include: Anti-racist education, unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, conflict resolution, policy audits and EDI strategic plan development. We offer services in French.

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