How to File a Complaint

If you believe that your human rights have been violated and that you have a human rights complaint we encourage you to Contact Us. Speaking with a human rights officer is the first step in our process and allows us to hear details of your complaint, ask questions and determine if it falls within the jurisdiction of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Upon your initial inquiry, it is important that the human rights officer who speaks to you understands what the problem is.  It is also important the person or organization being complained about understands the problem.

If your complaint falls under the protection of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, the human rights officer who drafts your complaint will begin by defining the problem with you in writing.  This is called filing a complaint. Please note that the complaint form must be filled out together - by phone or in person - by Commission staff. Complaint forms prepared by someone other than Commission staff will not be accepted.

After this, your complaint will be evaluated by Commission staff. If it appears that your human rights have been affected this will be shared with the organization(s) or person(s) you have named in your complaint.  This is meant to help them understand the problem and think about solutions.  

A complaint form needs to include just the basic, important information.  Too much information means important facts may get lost in the details. This could make finding a solution more difficult.  There will be opportunities to provide more information and evidence.