Preston Area Community Leadership Project

About the Project

A hands-on leadership training for Preston Area residents, providing tools for building community leadership and making change. Get involved and practice what you learn by talking to friends and neighbors.

An initial step in the Human Rights Commission’s “Community Conversations” project aimed at building a more just and inclusive Nova Scotia, by connecting with communities facing discrimination, clarifying their priorities for change, sharing stories with the public and building momentum for action around key issues that need to be addressed.

The initial project will take place in the Preston area: North Preston, East Preston, Cherry Brook and Lake Loon.

The Intent

  • Connect with communities that have been disenfranchised
  • Address issues of discrimination before harm is done (stop problems before they start)
  • Build capacity within these communities to engage with the issues that affect them, and advocate for needed changes with confidence and clarity
  • Empower and value knowledge held in communities, to make it clear that communities are the experts in knowing what is needed.
  • Make current community priorities for the Preston Area visible

Our Purpose

  • Building skills to make community change (building shared direction, catalyzing actions that make a difference)
  • Restoring relationships (within the community, with government, with the Human Right Commission)
  • Defining clear priorities and identifying key actions for the Preston Area

The Community 'Ask'

Members of the community will be offering significant time and energy to make this project a success.

For people who are self-employed, entrepreneurs or are paid hourly for the work they do, the time devoted to the project will have a financial impact on their lives. We would like to offer a stipend for those who are not being supported by their jobs and who participate fully in gathering stories and perspectives from their community.

For more information contact LaMeia Reddick at 902-488-5181, or Rhonda Johnson at 902-424-4239.

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