Making an Inquiry

If you have experienced harassment or discrimination based on a protected characteristic and would like to inquire if you have a complaint, the Commission’s Human Rights Officers (HRO) can guide you through the process. The first step in the process is to complete an Inquiry Form.

The Inquiry Form will help you explain what happened, when it happened, and how it affected you. The information provided is used to assess your inquiry for a possible complaint under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act (the Act). If you are unable to access the Inquiry Form or prefer a paper copy, you are able to pick up a copy from the Commission’s office.

If you require any type of accommodation to complete the Inquiry Form, please contact the Commission at (902) 424-4111 or so that we can make arrangements to assist.

It is important to note that HROs do not represent you or advocate on your behalf.  They are here to guide you through the process and may, in certain situations, offer to facilitate an early resolution of your issue that falls under the Human Rights Act.  These situations are usually simple in nature and would not require much time to resolve.