The Human Rights Officer said that I do not have a complaint, what now?

If the Human Rights Officer (HRO) determines through your conversations that you do not have a complaint under the Human Rights Act, they will explain why. There are several reasons why you may not have a complaint under the Act and the explanation will vary depending on the facts. If you do not agree with the HRO’s assessment of your inquiry or complaint, the decision can be reviewed by the Commission’s Registrar. The Registrar will either return your complaint to the HRO to gather further information or uphold the HRO’s decision. 

As a final decision on the inquiry or complaint, you can make a reconsideration appeal to the Director and CEO of the Commission.  This is the final step in this process at the Commission. 

Any further appeal of the Commission’s decision would have to be made to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court through a Judicial Review process.  All information about this process may be found on the court’s website.