Human Rights Awards

Each year, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission presents Awards to Nova Scotian individuals and organizations who make meaningful contributions to the Commission’s mission of attaining a just, equitable, and inclusive society in Nova Scotia. These Awards are presented on or around December 10, in recognition of the United Nations’ International Human Rights Day.

Past Recipients


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  • Elder Dr. Daniel N. Paul, Wel'lukwen Award
  • Grandmother Water Protectors, Wel'lukwen Award (group)
  • The Karma Closet, Youth Award (group)
  • Michael Tutton, Individual Award
  • Terena Fraicn, Individual Award
  • Stepping Stone, Group/Organization Award
  • Carolann Wright, Dr. Burnley Allan "Rocky" Jones Award


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  • Andreas Robinson, Halifax (Youth Award)
  • Steven Esty. Dartmouth (Individual Award)
  • Dr. Margaret Dechman, Howie Centre (post-humous, Individual Award)
  • Dr. Ron Milne, Halifax (Dr. Burnley Allan "Rockey" Jones Award)


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  • Clayton Murphy, Halifax (Individual Award)
  • Pamela Brown, Halifax (Individual Award)
  • Elder Jane Meader, Membertou (Individual Award)
  • Association of Black Social Workers & Health Associaton of African Canadians (Group Award)
  • Preston Township Emergency Response Team (Group Award)


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Human Rights Award Rescinded.

  • Cassidy Megan, Halifax (Youth Award)
  • Trayvone Clayton, Halifax (Dr. Burnley Allan "Rocky" Jones Award)
  • 902 ManUp, Group Award
  • African Nova Scotian Decade for Persons of African Descent Coalition, Group Award


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  • Kardeisha Provo, North Preston (Youth Award)
  • Eric Smith, Halifax (Individual Award)
  • Huwaida Medani, Halifax (Individual Award)
  • DeRico Symonds, Halifax (Dr. Burnley Allan :Rocky" Jones Award)
  • Inverness Development Association, Inverness (Group Award)
  • South End Environmental Justice Society, Shelburne (Group Award)


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  • Joshua Cochrane, Yarmouth (Youth Awaed)
  • Angela Simmonds, Cherry Brook (Dr. Burnley Allan "Rocky" Jomnes Awaed)
  • Nicole Doria, Halifax (Individual Award)
  • Wade Smith, Halifax (post-humous, Individual Award)
  • Syria-Antigonish Families Embrace, Antigonish (Group Award)
  • Bill 59 Community Alliance (Group Award)
  • Women’s Wellness Within, Halifax


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  • Samuel Gregan, Halifax (Youth Award)
  • David Leitch, Halifax (Dr.nBurnley Allan "Rocky" Jones Award)
  • El Jones, Halifax (Dr. Burnley Allan "Rocky" Jones Award)
  • Raymond Tynes, Truro (Dr. Burnley Allan "Rocky" Jones Award)
  • Alexa McDonough Institute, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax (Group Award)
  • Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax (Group Award)