Disability Rights Coalition Board of Inquiry Decision on Remedy

Jun 29, 2023

The chair of an independent human rights board of inquiry in the matter of Beth MacLean, Sheila Livingstone, Joseph Delaney and Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia vs. Province of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission issued a decision on remedy today, June 29, 2023.

Board Chair Donald C. Murray is independent of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. His decision includes an interim consent order, an interim settlement agreement outlining a 5-year resolution process and retains the jurisdiction of the board of inquiry to monitor progress as parties work to fulfill the remedy in collaboration with an independent review panel and experts. He stated the interim consent order will act as a public commitment by all parties.

In March 2019, then Chair Walter Thompson issued a prima facie finding of discrimination in this matter, including individual findings of discrimination for each complainant. A finding of systemic discrimination in relation to living and housing needs of all Nova Scotians with disabilities was later added by a Nova Scotia Court of Appeal decision in October 2021.

Copies of these decisions are available on the Commission’s website here or via the links below.. A copy of the interim consent order is availble here.

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