Setting the Bar on Human Rights: Key Cases in African Nova Scotian Communities

Jul 26, 2022

Updated: The full-lendth "Setting the Bar on Human Rights" video can be viewed below.

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission will host a panel discussion entitled "Setting the Bar on Human Rights: Key Cases in African Nova Scotian Communities"  on Friday July 29 at the National Black Canadian Summit in partnership with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

Nova Scotia is a historic site for the Black presence in Canada. African Nova Scotians have more than 400 years of history in the province, including experiences of unfair treatment and racism. Throughout this long-standing history, African Nova Scotians have built strong communities and resilient responses that challenge systemic racism across the province. Through this community mobilization and solidarity, African Nova Scotians continue to advocate for justice and demand fair treatment for all Black Canadians in the province. The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation present this roundtable to highlight mobilization efforts among African Nova Scotian communities that push for change on issues of racial discrimination. Videos and a panel of three individuals from Nova Scotia’s Black community will be featured to set a bar for Human Rights claims across Canada. This session will also highlight the realities and experiences of Black communities in Quebec. This in-person event taking place at the National Black Canadian Summit in Halifax on Friday, July 29 is sold out, but you can view via live-stream. Learn more.


Opening Remarks by Mohammed Hashim, Executive Director, Canadian Race Relations Foundation


  • Gyasi Symonds, Educator, Community Advocate, and Psychotherapist/Counsellor
  • Kirk Johnson, Former Professional Boxer
  • Reverend Dr. Lennett Anderson, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church
  • Joseph Fraser, CEO, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
  • Myrlande Pierre, Vice-President of the Commission on the Human Rights and the Rights of Youth in Quebec (Commission des droits de la personness et des droits de la jeunesse)

Closing Remarks by Marie-Claude Landry, Chief Commissioner, Canadian Human Rights Commission

Full-length Video