Mi’kmaq/Indigenous Liaison and Education Officer.

Jun 01, 2022

The Commission is pleased to announce that Angela Doyle-Faulkner has joined our Race Relations, Equity and Inclusion team as the Mi’kmaq/Indigenous Liaison and Education Officer.

Angela is a proud Mi’kmaw woman dedicated to supporting her L’nuk communities of Mi’kma’ki.

In this role, Angela will help foster positive relationships with the Mi’kmaq/Indigenous communities across the province. Her work will focus on ongoing engagement with the community and facilitating learning opportunities to raise awareness of its history, experiences with systemic discrimination, and racial trauma.

Angela will coordinate and promote education and awareness around Human Rights jurisdiction and services available to a diverse range of Mi’kmaq and Indigenous communities.  She will work closely with the Director, Race Relations Equity and Inclusion and other team members to provide Human Rights Education to all Nova Scotians through an L’nu lens by centring on the history, cultural heritage, and lived experiences of Mi’kmaq and Indigenous peoples while remaining committed to empowering the community through the process.  Angela will also support the Commission to adopt and engage in the Mi’kmaq/Indigenous approaches as part of its commitment to culturally responsive and trauma-informed practices in resolving human rights complaints.