Award Recipient: Clayton Murphy

Jan 04, 2021

Clayton Murphy, Halifax, was awarded a 2020 Nova Scotia Human Rights Award in recognition of his extensive work as an advocate and educator in the area of youth mental health and wellness. He has demonstrated value for diversity and acknowledging the intersectionality of identity and personal expression. Clayton provided the following statement upon receiving news of his award.

Clayton Murphy image

"My commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights stems from my personal experience, recognizing my own power and privilege, and the understanding that I can create a difference through the work that I do. My lived experience provides me with an understanding of the barriers to accessibility, lack of culturally sensitive and competent resources, and how inequity can be engrained in policy. This knowledge has helped me understand how I can use my position in society to uplift and empower those without access to platforms and has allowed me to become a more effective mental health advocate. I have always been passionate about helping others but learning about the intersectional issues that contribute to mental health in varying communities has only solidified my commitment to raising awareness and creating change that benefits all members of my communities. I carry this commitment with me in my professional work as an educator in the effort to create accessible, inspirational, and equitable opportunities for youth in my area, and across Canada."