Nova Scotia Landlords Advised Against Discriminatory Rental Practices

Jun 05, 2019

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission is hoping to educate landlords in the province after seeing a noticeable increase in inquiries related to discriminatory rental practices targeting families.

Intake staff at the Commission have reported a recent spike in inquiries from residents with children reportedly being denied rental accommodations.  Individuals have contacted the Commission to raise concerns after responding to rental advertisements on websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. In many cases, individuals are responding to advertisements for rentals of more than one bedroom, with yards, those most appealing to families.

“Landlords need to understand that it is illegal to deny tenancy to individuals based on the fact they have children,” said Christine Hanson, the Commission’s director and CEO. “Telling someone you do not rent to families is a violation of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act and we are committed to investigating and pursuing resolution in instances that demonstrate that people’s rights are being violated.”

Family status is a protected characteristic under the Act. Individuals who believe they have faced discrimination of this manner are encouraged to contact the Commission. Landlords are also encouraged to contact the Commission if they have questions about their rights and responsibilities.

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