1967-2017 - 50th Anniversary of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

Nov 25, 2017

The Nova Scotia Human Commission was established in 1967 due to the racism faced by African Nova Scotians. Over the last 50 years, the Commission has assisted Nova Scotians facing discrimination and promoted respect for human rights and inclusivity in our province. We’ve seen evolutions in human rights law responding to the needs of our population. In our effort to advance human rights, we’ve protected family status and recognized the rights of same-sex couples. We’ve added sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to our protections. We developed a policy for breastfeeding mothers. We’ve helped women and girls play sports. We have helped employees and employers alike address the needs of persons with mental and physical disabilities in the workplace. We continue to address complex human rights cases, including those involving systemic racial discrimination working in cooperation with partners in the justice system.  These are just some examples and there are many more.

Anniversaries are time for reflection and renewal.

We recognize there is much to do. We continue to work to advance equity and dignity, foster positive and respectful relationships, and actively protect and promote the human rights of all Nova Scotians. As the Commission continues its work, we are making important investments in technology, such as those to develop e-learning tools to address and prevent discrimination. For all Nova Scotians to prosper and flourish, an effort to promote respect for human rights and diversity is needed across all sectors and communities in our province. We are here to provide advice and guidance to all -- education and outreach continue to be a central part of our efforts.

Please stay tuned as we recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of Nova Scotians promoting human rights and as we reflect on how far we have come. You can follow us @NSHumanRights on Instagram and Twitter to receive our stories. We are also on Facebook: here.


1967 Nova Scotia Human Commission standing in front of Nova Scotia Province House
Photo credit: Nova Scotia Archives