Human Rights On Screen: Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor

In partnership with the Atlantic International Film Festival

From December 1 – 10 Nova Scotians are invited to watch the film Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor for free via the Atlantic International Film Festival’s virtual screening platform. Reflect on some viewing questions and plan to take-in an accompanying panel discussion during which we will discuss the role film can play in public dialogue on important human rights issues.

Viewing Questions

Developed by Brody Weaver, Youth Project

  • For a narrative film featuring a transgender story, why is the setting of the film in rural Nova Scotia significant?
  • Observe different character’s reactions to their discoveries of Dawn’s identity. What can you learn from this? What responses make her feel alienated and what makes her feel affirmed?
  • As you watch the film, observe how people adapt to using Dawn’s pronouns (she/her/hers). What do you notice?
  • Pay attention to gender roles and stereotypes as you watch the film. How does it reinforce the gender binary? How does it challenge it?
  • What can you learn from the film about how transgender and cisgender people alike are subject to harsh expectations of what it means to be a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’?

You can acquire your virtual ticket to view the film here. With the viewing link in the ticket you will be able to view the film beginning at noon on December 1.You can watchthe film's trailer below.

An accompanying panel discussion on the subject of Transgender Identiy in Film will take place December 7 online.