External Human Rights Trainers



Ann Divine – Ashanti Leadership

Phone: 902-441-3999 

Email: ann@ashantileadership.com

Website: ashantileadership.com

Training topics include: Human Rights Education and Training;  Sexual Harassment Training; Mental Health in the Workplace; Employee Engagement & Cultural Intelligence; Unconscious Bias; Diversity and Inclusion; Leadership Development Human Rights


Andrea MacNevin –MacNevin Law & Mediation

Phone: 902-405-2740

Email: andrea@macnevin.legal

Training topics include: Accommodating Illness and Disabilities in the Workplace; Responding to Marijuana and other Impairing Substances in the Workplace 


Buhle Dhalami – Tomorrow Today Global

Phone: 902-759-7219

E-mail: buhle@tomorrowtodayglobal.com

Training topics include: Leading Difference Differently; Leveraging Cultural Intelligence,;Creating an Inclusive Culture


Gola Taraschi-Carr, Atlantic Restorative Company (ARC)

Telephone: 902-446-2721

Email: contact@arcworks.ca

Website: www.arcworks.ca

Training topics include: Difficult Conversations: How to Talk About the Things We Don’t Want to Talk About (1 Day); Being the Change: Diversity and Inclusion Boot Camp (1 Day); Restorative Communication: The Art and Science of Respectful Relationships (1 Day)
Creating Space to Make Things Right: Restorative Justice Essentials (1 Day)


Huwaida Medani – Independent Consultant

Phone: 902-789-8498

Email: huwaidamedani@yahoo.com

Training topics include: Overview of Cultural Competency; Unpacking Privileges; The Intersection of Gender and Race in the Workplace; Mind Your Bias When Hiring; What is the Issue with Stereotypes?


Nolan Pike, Professional Development & LGBTQ+ Consultant

Phone: 902-488-8106

Email: nolan.workshops@gmail.com

Website: http://equityeducate.com/


Shakira Weatherdon Consultant Service

Phone: 902-989-0539

Email: Shakira.weatherdon@gmail.com

Training topics include: Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Communities; Unconscious Bias: Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Personnel; Bystander Intervention Training: Harassment in the Workplace




Avalon Sexual Assault Center

Phone: 902-422-4240

Website: www.avaloncentre.ca

Training topics include: Responding to a Disclosure of Sexualized Violence; What Sexualized Violence is and programs and services available; Trauma informed practice; Bystander Intervention and creating safer communities



Phone: 902-429-5878

Website: www.reachability.org


South House Sexual & Gender Resource Centre

Phone: 902-494-2432

Email: Outreach@southhousehalifax.ca, volunteer@southhousehalifax.ca, board@southhousehalifax.ca

Website: southhousehalifax.ca

Training topics include:  Anti-oppression training Workshops (Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Education)


Youth Project

Phone: 902-429-5429

Email: youthproject@youthproject.ns.ca

Website: http://youthproject.ns.ca

Training topics include: LGBT101 (can be customized). For more sessions go here: http://youthproject.ns.ca/education/