Vision and Goals


The Commission is committed to actively engage and work with all Nova Scotians and our diverse communities to effectively:

  • Advance equity and dignity
  • Foster positive, productive and respectful relations, and
  • Protect human rights

The Commision believes in and is committed to:

  • Restorative processes
  • Inclusivity
  • Service excellence
  • Continuous learning through research and innovation
  • Transparency


  • Continue to promote a workplace that is dynamic, embraces differences and fosters continuous learning.
  • Provide fair, easily accessible and cost-effective services in accordance with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.
  • Engage with racially-visible people, women, Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities to ensure their realities are reflected and celebrated in the work of the Commission.
  • Strengthen existing partnerships while collaborating with organizations which share similar values to reduce systemic discrimination and strengthen the ability of individuals and communities to address issues of discrimination.
  • Advise and assist the government of Nova Scotia in achieving equitable access to opportunities and services for every individual.
  • Ensure people in all communities of Nova Scotia are engaged in meaningful discussion on human rights issues and diversity, to improve the lives of all Nova Scotians.