Education is a fundamental human right and responsibility.

“Every individual and organ of society should strive to educate in order to promote respect for human rights and freedoms.”
-Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission provides public education to advance the principle that every person is free and equal in dignity and rights.

To learn more about human rights education and training opportunities, view our Human Rights Education Workshops.

Through public education and training opportunities, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission aims to help employers work toward more diverse, inclusive and ultimately healthy work environments.  This helps reduce discriminatory workplace practices. The types of workshops requested by organizations reflect interesting trends, most notably the movement toward concepts of equity, inclusion and transformational change in the organization.

Requests for workshops come from government, businesses, schools and non-profit organizations. Strong demand for these workshops shows that organizations realize that human rights education is an on-going process, and that continual learning for staff is required

Knowledge is power


Community Partnerships and Involvement

The Commission recognizes and values the important work undertake by community members to advance human rights education, diversity and inclusion. To foster better understanding of the important issues effecting residents and groups throughout the province’s diverse communities we seek to maintain and create new partnerships to strengthen human rights in Nova Scotia. If you are interested in learning more about this work, or would like to discuss partnering with the Commission, please contact us.